Saturday, July 23, 2011

Builders bum sunburn

MY Eunos has become very ill. Lots of smoke out of the back end and no water in its system. Very worrying and its probably killed the head gasket or worse. So today has started the long strip down of the engine bay.

Many hours later the cylinder head is off and we are down to the cylinder block where the pistons are. Here the gasket has been removed already.

And here we have the cylinder block which has all the valves cams etc in it, complete with inlet and outlet manifold.

And here we have the head gasket. I was hoping to see where the 16 year old gasket had failed. In the past on other cars it has been obvious but not on this occasion.

So before we go any further we check the cylinder head for distortion. It would appear luckily to be fine.

And so the surfaces are cleaned up.

And so is the head.

Here we have a Victor Reinz head gasket. Not a cheap one which I could have brought. I'm really hoping to only have to do this once.

Gasket in position on the cylinder block. Next is the hard part. To fit the cylinder head on top, without moving the gasket! For those that don't know the cylinder head with the inlet and outlet manifolds on is very very heavy.

I plug away at trying to get the car rebuilt and by the end of the day I have the cam belt back on. Shed loads to do for Sunday and then the big start up to see if it has cured the problem. Fingers crossed. Not only am I black but I can feel the sunburn on the top of my bum from leaning over the bonnet all day long!


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