Sunday, July 03, 2011

Dead Wolvo

Well the topic of how Wolverhampton needed the regeneration area its not getting cropped up last night. And while sitting here in Wolvo I got to say it really does need it. Its was so quiet. Great for shopping for the few that do but with all this big name shops going bust the furture is looking bleak for them. On the other hand if only local shops would now reappear it would no doubt help kill of the 'it does matter what town you shop at feasco modern life now has created.' Like most things in life things go in a big circle but will have adapted. Online shopping is convenient and easy from your personal cubical of space called home, but doesn't hold the pleasure of seeing or feeling the goods first, or the ass to send more and more faulty goods back by post. Personnaly the retail future isn't bleak it just needs reform for the local shoppers, I hope it comes soon.

And talking of reform I've never understood thjis Starbucks in Wolvo. Its not inviting, its not cosy to stay in, I can see why its good for passing trade, but for a stay in cup of tea, its not the place to be. On the other hand the staff here are first class ;)

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