Sunday, July 03, 2011

My head hursts and I don't know why?

Saturday and once I'd done some things that needed doing and got my hair cut I went round Matts and Maddies some 2 hours late for a BBQ. HE made me hang on for that sausage but I got a nice black one in the end. So a few beers later I got a cab back to New Street with Neil and Alison and a few more tins of beer, which with our conversation we really ddn't need.

Once in Wolvo did we go home. Not a chance, instead we went to the Great Western round the corner.

Here Alison talked about hunky carpet fitters

Neil about biker gangs wuth simne stranger

Mean while I'd called my brother whom came on down for a pint and make us aware for some old bike info he new about.

Too many more pints later and I mean late later we were in Jivans having our favourite dishes and some Cobra beer!

Got to say it was a top notch meal but why does my head hurt so much?????


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