Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nasty Suprise

So this afternoon I finally got her back togeather for the turn of the key. It started effortlessly and at first smoked. I left it running for about an hour with the air con on to keep the RPM high. And so it was time for a test run. And test run one went fine. So I decided to go for a run to pick my grandad up.

Shortly after living home, there is a big bang and a huge puff of steam / smoke from the front of the bonnet. I thought he we go the head has regone. But no, on opening the bonnet illuminous green slim was disening in great amunts from the air con system. The words Bollocks came to mind. What Why Hell.

Due to where it has gone wrong its next to impossible to see whats gone wrong.

Hard to believe that in the engine compartment this is the only system that was touched at all! Its a real pain as the parts for the air con on this car are rare as rocking horse shit.

For now though I will be happy just to drive her - to the air con specalist that is.


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