Thursday, July 07, 2011

Brought some more games from Ebay. What can you say? Well Duke Nuken Land of the Babes would be ok if I could get anywhere in it. Is it just too dam difficult for me? Yes. As for London Racer what a load of shit. How could be proud of this crap?

So we move onto Wild 9. Erm 3 minutes of I'm not playing this no more and on E.T. where I expect much worse. Unbeleivable rubbish. What were the programmers thinking other than robbing the general public.

Now here's space invaders. Could you possibly go wrong in releasing Space Invaders? Afterall the original came out on something for more primative than the playstation 1. And thankgod they did not cock it up. A quick blast and Ihave a smile on my face. So we move onto something that is even worse than London Racers. Oh good god...

And to another licence game Planet of the Alpes. Hold on a miunte this is quiet entertaining actually. I play it for a while before bemusing to Lemmings. Well like sapce invaders it would be hard to get this wrong either. More to come I guess. More rubbish that is....


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