Saturday, July 09, 2011

A serivce and a bit of bing that won't be seen by many

With the HLA's clattering or one in particular it is time to do a service on the old Eunos be it at the right mileage or not. And so up with the bonnet

Onto the ramps and out with the old oil and filter.

Remove the spark plug leads to change the spark plugs

And also out with the air filter for a new one - though this one actual looks fine.

I've also decided to chang ethe thermostate to see if the cabin can be made warmer still so

off with the thermostate cover and out with the old one and in with a new one.

Off with the cam cover. Now this isn't part of the sertvice I'm just doing it as I am servicing it and I have a new part. Wait for it...

All looks fine in here. And so I remove the old sealant from the corners

As I say off with the old cam cover because

In this box I have...

A shiney polished one. Just don't ask how much it cost????

Lets get the spark plugs out and as you can see from these she is firing nicely.

Put the new sealant in the corners, a new gasket and on with the new cam cover

Call the neighbour over to ask what they think and admire. Oh yeah put the new oil in and top up the water!

All done, a nice afternoon in the sun.


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