Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virgin Active

Since leaving Esporta and doing didle all exercise but eating as much junk as I was I have pilled the kilos on. 7 kilos in fact. So I've decided to do something about it and joined The Virgin Active Health Club. A gym to you and me.

Its the one near Star City by where I work and hence should mean I miss the traffic after work as a bouns if I excerise after work. There does seem to be so benefits to this Virgin Gym compared to Epsorta. You could get nick picky and say that all the light bukbs seem to be functioning here. But perhaps the fact I swim with 4 poeple in the pool instead of 10 confined to 2 lines due to children having swimming lessons is one of them. You can join any of the classes, and they're included in the monthly charge. Changing rooms are massive and cleaner. So are there any disadvantages. Well I won't be poping in at the weekend will I. And car parking seems to be rather problematic, which for the next 6 weeks I can only imagiune will be be worse whilst the kids are off schools and the parents bringing them here to be entertained.

As I thought getting home was much easier. I was back by 20 past.

And I have started to eat better at work. I have stopped going tot he cateen as although the cheif said he'd do me a salad I just cannot resist the chips with every meal. So a bag of rice it is with

a banna and an apple. How long this will last is anyones guess but I'm shatter from the swimming I've done so far.


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