Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You should leave the past in the past

Yes more PS1 games. The collection is getting bigger by the day. And so Apocalypse what is it like? Actualy I can't remember. What I do remember though is Need for Speed and while the graphics are well dated the gameplay is just perfect.

Actuak soccer still top notch really and Ballerburg, well I'd never heard of it. And without readig the instructions which as a man I didn't, I found it impossible to play really.

GT racing - good god dieabolical and so is striker for that too.

Rayman rush, plurr and lemmings well you need to read the manual to work it out again.

Medal of Honor nderground I played and enjoyed. Not that I could get off level one mind! Soviet Strike may be good and it maybe not. You whizz around in a helicopter much like

Nuclear strike. Same as above if not really just more levels. Independance Day is a typic ET licence crap game

Which leaves Air Combat which was surprisingly good. Thats enough PS1 for now....


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