Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 having a wonderful time

Sunday and after a large and fantastic breakfast we head to the bus stop to catch a Sunday bus from the village. One comes so not so bad and we get to Wolvo. The bus passes Lazzeezes Kebab house and stops. Everyone but us gets off. At the golden triangle the bus turns around on the island! eh whats going on here its going to leave Wolverhampton without us getting off. I click the bell and the bus stops. The driver explains the council want a pound for each visit the bus makes to the new bus station at Wolverhampton.  So they don't go tot he bus station anymore. Hey what a great idea. Anyway this means more a walk. I take Alan and Zoe towards the station and then we go under it via the passage, round the back of the Fusion building site still and low level station to one of Wolverhamptons gems of a pub the Great Western. Now I know this is no Plough and Harrow so I should be safe taking them in here.

A fair few pints in the beer garden ad we are getting texts from Poade; are we in Birmingham yet. Good god no.

But it does prompt us to leave. And so we head to the station for a train to Brum.

And from Brum we go to Brindley Place.

We meet Maddie, Matt and Maddie at all Bar One and have a quick drink before

Going to Pizza Express for tea.

There no way I'm going to be able to eat all this ;)

But it all soon leaves the table via our stomaches.

Matt and Maddie dessert us and I take Alan and Zoe for a canal walk towards the Gas Basin. The pub I was taking them too seems shut. But thats no hardship. There a little cafe Bistro that serves real Ale so that means we settle down next the cannal side.

It starts getting dark and chilly

So we visit Tesco Express for some plasters for Zoe and head through the shopless Mail box. Although there are several restaurants that would be nice to try here. Out of the Mail Box and under the Ring Road with the Chineese lanterns, towards New Street Station.

We catch a Viring Express back to Paradise and I take Alan and Zoe to the LAdy Wulfruna. Which I had never heard off and told Alan it did not exist. Well it does but we all know it as the Goose. Even thoug its no longer called the Goose any more - it is called the Lady Wulfurna.

Alan and Zoe play pool while I play on the pin ball machine.

We later sit down after I try to loose my coat. And although I wasn't;t trying I really and truly did loose at cards.

The dealer must be fixing things. Eventaully we go home. We go to where the bus stop used to collect us. Have you got the point yet. Anyway the bus came down the road but it did not stop for us. Nope the bloomin bis stop has moved to opposite Lazzeeses! Can you believe it. Perhaps I should start to use the bus more?

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