Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Bye and Fare Well Eazy Riderz

Well it looks like another good thing in life has gone. The Eazy Riderz is no longer operating :( A great thing it was and I'm glad to have been able to have stayed with Jenna and Luke who seemed to go out of their way to make a winter holiday a special time in Morzine. A better snowboarding holiday than I had experienced anywhere else and one where you always felt welcomed as if it was your own home or visiting old friends.. Whatever they are doing now I hope their enthusiasm will continue to shine through and deliver once more for it is a great loss to us snowboarders. They might have even been happy this year to have seen I now have an Atomic Alibi snowboard along with my old skool super stiff Nitro Suprateam. So with the close of Eazy Riderz I can't face going back to Morzine, it just wouldn't be the same even with its huge white playground.

So where to now?

I did consider going back to where it all started and taking my parents back to Obergurgle where they took us as small kids. But lets just say it pricey. Very pricey even for a very basic appartment at the Broser. Then I thought about returning to snow sure Les Contamines. But considered that it might just be too small for a week. So I just looked randomly around some smaller places. Somewhere different. And so at the moment I've decided to go here. This white place with blue skies. Somewhere where they apparently get too much snow - yep we've all heard this one before too. Somewhere traditional. Somewhere that I've never been before but in fact I have, that was once I'd found it on the map.

It may prove to be too small but then it is only 30 minutes drive from Oreil and thus open to Val Thorens.

. Here it is. Yep only a few runs. But taking my parents perhaps that is all that is needed this year.

So Val Cenis it is. Small and Traditional. The holiday weeks around and after Christmas work out a real bummer though and it looks like we'll have to go New Years week. Arrrg. some places are even doing a four day week after New Year, it crazy.

Oh yeah and when was the last time I passed on through Val Cenis then?. Well it was with Big-L when we were doing our very first European Tour in June 2001. Here's where we stopped for dinner, I can recall the waitress saying there's not actually much available off the menu as we don't get any visitors in the summer. There was something like 4 dishes. Ah and I brought a post card from here too.


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