Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I like XP

I'm now using Windows 7 as XP dided on my machine some time back graaaa. It obviously has issues with my outof date equipment and to name a few, my bloomin good scanna and my minidisc player. Apart from that it also will not work with any blog programs properly I have down loaded. My favorite Zoundary Raven doesn't work properly, I'm using Qumana but that doesn't work properly either and is slow. I have also downloaded  Blogjet, Blogdesk, Window live (works but lack features). Help I say.

I will struggle on anyway

I brought a couple of short sleaved shirts for the autumn, a new Tee shirt and a CD - Dire Straits. Thats it really, not a lot happening. A lot of going tot he gym and me being very tired because of it. Oh yeah still eating a bowl of rice for dinner each day. It seems to be working slowly.

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