Sunday, September 18, 2011

No MX5 Day

Well with no MX5 on the drive I decide to go to the MX5 Owners Club Ralley in my Skoda.

I knew it would impress!

The weather held out so it was nice to swan around have a burger a cup of tea and

admire some cars.

This one is nice a unique.

It brought some attention. How did they do it?

A nice chrome film all over and so well done.

I walked around some more cars

This one though was probably the most impressive. An ebay special, the original owner was too old to use it and kept it in a garage. With only 12K on the clock it was a perfect example of a very old car.

I went in the MX5 Parts tent and for a change came out wiht nothing!

For most of the rest of the time I watched the competions that you could enter.

So were laughable but that is what mad eit enjoyable to watch.

I even meet our local area co-ordinators whom now meet in Penkridge!


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