Thursday, September 29, 2011

Only Fools And Horses

When I changed the fuel filter at the last service on the Skoda the battery went flat before the fuel system reprimed. Odd really. I had to get the battery charger out and gazump it. Now this reminded me that on two occasions last winter the car did not start due to the battery being flat on the icy days. And so it is obviously time that the 8 year old battery is tired. And with the exceptionally cold October coming it is time to consider changing it. And what a battery it is too. Anyway I asked a certain person at a certain right time what deal they could get on a battery and was told £50. That's dam good I thought but what battery am I getting for that? An Exide apparently. Well how much for a Varta battery then? A few moments later if its cash then £50 quid. So Fifty cash later I have a Varta battery that's worth £100ish. This isn't the cheap Varta one either its the silver unit with 750Amps.

And anyone with one of these VAG cars knows that the battery is a sod to get out and a sod to get in. Why? Well due to weight and and the position of it. Anyway once in position you notice the new battery is 1 inch shorter than the older tech battery that came out. This is in fact written in the instructions that come with the battery that a Vag car will need a new bracket. Well I just bent mine over to make the fitment nice and tight. Well I'm ready for the cold weather now.

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