Saturday, August 13, 2011

The worst spot to the best spot, we all like spots.

I collect Alan and Zoe from the station who have come to Wolvo to admire the smashed windows after the riots. After I get some shoes, a walk around the town including the charity shops Alan and Zoe want to go to a real pub. So I decide to take them to a pub I have not been to for some 12 years. And that 12 years ago was when me and Big-L were trying to do every pub in the ring road of Wolverhampton. And in those days there were many many pubs. Anyway as Zoe La Brow put it The Plough and Harrow in Worcester Street has set her a new standard in pubs. She thought she new an awful one put this put a new light on it. And while I was at the bar Alan came back and said there's a beer garden I think we should sit out there. Is there really a beer garden Alan?

I personally wouldn't have called it a beer garden though. So over the last 12 years the Plough and Harrow may now have a face book page but over the last 12 years it has gone down ill somewhat. Christ we even had a great meal here all those years back!!!!!! Erm thinking about it Les was sick about an hour latter?

Refreshed in was Strongbow doesn't we headed back tot he shopping area and into Forbidden Planet. Alan and Zoe were very happy here. Too happy infact. I looked around, once, maybe twice, maybe eight or nine times pondering

Why people would buy some of this stuff let alone market it. I did of course like the chewy head. But do you really want a prince of Persia figure?? And here in the above picture is John Lennon really in the right place?

time moved on somewhat and we went home got changed I called Hilton Cabs on 01902 733 333. As he drove us to the Kings Repose he admired our choice of venues and kept telling us how we would love it here. Well I've been before and hence why I'm bringing Alan and Zoe.

We had drink downstairs, wow it was busy here. We ordered and then went upstairs when the food came! yeippe.

Alan loved his vegetarian dish

Zoe thought it was out of this world. Good news I hit them with a terrible pub the only way is up from here.

Before you new it though we had been well fed and watered and it was time to leave.

It was too nice a night to call it day so off we went to the Anchor where we talked engines and all the internal works.

Well we got the jist that it was closing time when there was no one else in the pub, but 3 staff having a chat opposite and the rest of the pub was in the dark. And so we had a tour of the village in the dark!


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