Saturday, October 29, 2011

Basmati Pan Asian Cuisine

For a change we decided to try the Basmati in Penkridge. Having driven past it many times and it being in the center of the travel plans we looked up the bus times and set out ot catch the bus to be in Penkridge by 18:15. The shock came when getting on the bus, Arriva wants £2:20 for such a short journey! Beardy wanted to walk but I was having none of that and on we got me murrming something about Hilton cabs next time.

So inside we are sat down politley and a waiter explains it is an all your can eat buffet for £14.00 or you can ordr from the menu.

The menu looks good but we all decide to have a large bottle of Cobra (brewed in Burton) and then to allow Beardy to try a feew things have the buffet.

Beardy is worried about getting something too hot but we wouldn't let that happen.

And so to the buffet. As can be seen here it is rather extensive. In fact there is also Thia and chinese options as well as pizza - something Beardy had. In fact Beardy had so much Chciken Tika Malsarla that he was never going to be able to try anything else.

So my verdict as follows:

1) The popadums from the buffet were not great. If these had been made and brought over to the table on demand they would have not doubt been much better. 3/10

2) The sauces for the popadums exsit but no bowls to put the onion salad in or spicy or yogurht sauce. Here I improvised and got a dessert bowl for the such. 0/10

3). Starter - over whelmingly good. The seclection awsome and everyone delicouse. All of them. 10/10

4). Main courses - Huge selection, all very nice and in those big pots theres not much in there, so warm and fresh to a point. Again all the dishes we tried were spot on, even Beardys pizza which he ate completly so I guess he like it. 10/10

5). Balti dishes. I have kind of seperated this from the above point as the food was great. But no choose to have a balti dish! Just plates. I know Mr King but I want a balti dish. so 0/10.

6). Rice - A good selection of rice and all very nice 8/10

7). Nan breads - of Jesus these were liek supermarket nans. crap not good, no fluffiness, card, tastless crap. Hell go to Jivans and learn to do them properly. 0/10

8). Dessert - A good selection of desserts and all were nice. Ice cream machine good. But turning it off is not obviuos, I had tonnes and I means tonnes of it beacuse the handle was not pushed up far enought. I thought I'd just been silly but no a little latter another customer was getting way too much ice cream too. Luckily I liek ice cream. A simple sign needed here. So what does too much ice cream get you? 10/10

So would I eat here again. Yes I would but I proberly wouldn't have the buffet next time, and I would ask for a balti dish and I would hope a fresh nan might just might be better.

After this we went to the Littlon Arms to make the ice cream in my stomach curdle with beer.

Whislt enjoying a Purity beer or two we notice many emergency vehicels heading towards Stafford as in many.

Enventually it was time to pay £2:20 to go home. Beardy wanted to walk it and I instisted not. Well not with me anyway. And as we trundled along the A449 we decided to get off at the Four Ashes as it was still open rather than going via Brewood.

Now here it looks quiet and empty. But believe me it was not and hence we weren't in the lounge.

Beardy read the paper. I watched Aston Villa verses Sunderland whilst talking to a neighbour, smelling the place out and Seeing Mr Hall again.

Eventually though it was time to go home, merrily merrily merrily leaving Gary in the bar still sufficating.


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