Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heart Beat

Well earlier in the week the SONY PS3 FAT 1 died. Before retrying the heat gun method I thought I'd get some silver thermal compound this time before doing it. The last time Maplins didn't have any in stock and so used some white guey stuff they had which was the next best thing.

A visit to Maplins and ten pounds lighter I have the silver stuff, and you don't get much of it.

Back home it was time to disconnect the PS3 and take its lid off.

And so the PS3 was taken apart.

And here we have the motherboard.

The 2 main chips with the reminas of the white thermal compound. Note the different pattern that has formed.

Well there plenty of remanance of the white stuff which unlike the silver was a right pain to get nicely on the chips.

Note how white the NEC chips have gone. The white guey stuff is cleaned off the chips, board and also the heating unit. The mother board is take outside rested on some house bricks either end and the heat gun gently used on both sides for a period of time.

Once back together I put the power lead in and the video lead. Click the switch and hello the green light comes on.

Before we go any further I press the eject button. And out comes the DVD.

I connect a HDMI lead

Ah a picture.

And so I rung the machine for a while without the lid on. After a while I check the top hold down plate where the chips are under the Blue ray player. Erm goodgod they don't half get hot. I ponder how long this green light will stay on?


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