Sunday, October 23, 2011

Legoland the return of the blockmen

Big-L gets up and advises that we should get down to the breakfast room before all the other lego guests eat all the food.

The next morning after a mighty fine breakfast, and some good service from waiter Tom we headed to the holy land of block people.

Amongst other things we go for a luxary cruise

Look at all those happy faces, isn't it amazing what a bit of coloured plastic can do for you.

And here we are thinking where are all the other guests? Well there in long qeues.

Teg wanted a go on the camel. But not as much as uncle Nack

Around the park a hundred times and in and out of the castle

And a series of goes on the frightening Dragon roller coaster. I got them all in one shot. How did I manage that?

After Nack get the hights score on the lazer magijme, we sit down for a hot choclate each. Well all barr one because kids do like to knock hot drinks over don't they. Luckily the photos were in carrier bags and were saved.

As darkness came some people left.

But others stayed once more for the fireworks

Teg gets the best seat again.

Piz fizz bang!

And eventually we leave Legoland in the hope to find bed and a night ful of dreams.


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