Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going blocky

So I was collected at the crack of dawn by MR and Mrs Green along with the kids. Well by the time they turned up it was not so much crack of the dawn but a nice sunrise. A few hours later after going the scenic route we meet up with Marg and Dan at LEgoland Windsor

Along with all these people I am now a lego land anaul pass member - yeha. I come come back for a whole 12 months.

Les also turned up after the Wolves match ahd finished. And so it was a lovel Octobers day in the park of eco platic bits

So of them being works of art. And other now showing the signs of what UV does.

After many rides and I mean many it was time for the fireworks and Teg wanted the best seat going. Erm you wouldn't believe that a couple of weeks back Greenie was having back trouble?

Pop and off they went over and over and over again. Perhaps one of the longest firework shows I can ever remember seeing. I only wished I had filmed it to share with you.

Eventually we left the dark and closed Legoland and went to our Holiday Inn hotel in Slough. Now the hotel was nice but if you ventured out side things weren't so great. We were looking fo a pub that did some grub. Luckily there was a nice looking pub next door. This turned out to be a once was pub that is now a strip club. Wouldn't have been so bad but they didn't have any food on, so we moved on. The further we went the less promising things got. To the point were by Les said I don't know about you but I'm scared. Now I wasn't scared because I had 6ft Les next to me. But now he had said this, I was scared. Soetimes it best not to say these things. We stopped at a realy cheap take away. It wasn't becasue this take away was cheap that we stopped at it. Nope all the take aways here seem to be really cheap. We stopped here because they had a couple of seats so we could eat in doors. Eventually after knocking on the strip club door MR Green joined us. We wondered around some more and eventually did find a pub with some very freindly people inside. But I think LEs will remmebr it more for being charged £14 for 3 drinks! He did get some change later on in the night.


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