Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Well Matt Poade loaned me these disks to stop me watching the ER collection I think. And by writing this he would probably want to kill me. I guess, and it is a guess that it must have been some 18 months ago when he gave to me season one of House.

Now I ponder why he thought I might like it. Was it because it is based on Medical soap storys? Is it because the main character reminds him of me? Grr, is it because of all the eye candy throughout the episodes, or is it because the main character has a walking stick like one of the main characters in ER?

I can't say I enjoyed episode 1 but having been ill I continued. In fact I don't like the CSI bits in the program. However I am addicted to the moody Hugh Laurie character and now cannot get enough of the dam program. So will he get it back ever. Well I've nearly finished watching all these so I guess so.


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