Saturday, November 05, 2011

Penkridge Bonfire night

Saturday and being as it is the 5th November actually on a Saturday then it was fine to go to a bonfire. The one selected was the Penkridge Scout Bonfire held on the Market. I caught the bus which the driver said is £2:80 as I put £2:20 in the tray. God good I thought £2:20 was pricey and its gone up? Nope the computer was wrong. It was £2:20. I got off in Penkridge and headed over to the Olympic Fish Bar and caught LEs heading towards the Littleton Arms where Iw as going to meet him. We had Chips and beer in the beer Garden before having a pint inside in the warmth. It was time to head to the market place but before doing so Les suggested we get a couple of cans of beer from the Newsagents. We went in the low ceilinged Newsagents and looked at the array of beers available. We plumbed for 4 cans of Skol as we could not believe they sold it, and four cans of Carlsberg. Oddly though we noted that the Skol was in fact Brewed by Carlsberg. Even more impressively was the Newsagent couldn't believe he was actually selling Skol.

Once in the Bonfire and 4 quid lighter each we opened the Skol.

Erm so nice thought Les.

It was time the bonfire wass lit. So a Guy was placed on the settie and then they tried to lit him. But he would not lit! Then they stuffed the torch up the poor Guys crouch and he caught. How painful.

A bit latter Beardy and my brother turned up. Obvisuoly they were subjected to some Skol.

The bonfire was true lit and away now.

The crowd was ready and so the fireworks were launched.

Good old firework Display. And so it was time to leave bumping into Sue as we left. For some reason she thought we'd be doing some kind of pub crawl of Penkridge. Can't understand thatg myself.

At first we were going to go back to the Littleton Arms but then I suggested we go for one in the Horse and Jockey. Les confirmed this would be a good idea as they had refurbished the smallest pub in England and wanted to see what they had done.

Still the smallest bar and gone has the nickotine stained yellow walls. There's even wall paper now. Several Doombars latter we are all happy to see Holy and Lisa.

Relaxed it was time for Beardy and me to catch the last bus home. However the center of Penkridge was filled with Penkridge yobs. This wasn't good as when the bus came they stopped pissing up the housing estates shop window and start banging on the side of the bus and chanting get a proper job you polish scum or some other drunken tosh. Now they seemed to get some facts wrong here as the driver didn't seem polish as it was the same one that picked me up in the first place. Howver the Arriva bus and driver didn't hang around due to the Yobs and drove off leaving me and Beardy still in Penkridge. I told Beardy no problem lets go back to the pub where my brother and Les would be for another hour and get a cab later. Beardy though wanted to walk home. So I let him.

Back in the pub I didn't fancy anymore larger so I had 2 pints of Rosies. Wo someone at the smallest bar int he world was impressed.

Eventually it was time to go home. I got a call from my dad saying he would collect me as he had spoken with my brother.

So I went home and slept on the living room floor with my coat on!

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