Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 hour banks brewery tour

Saturday morning and we are off to do the Banks Brewery tour at 11am ish. To my surprise I find out that Sarah has already done it 3 times? So what is in store for us then?

Inside we site down inside the nice little bar setup they have and get 1/2 a pint each.

This gets Matts approval. A chap comes in gives you some history on the Brewery and its owners and then its off for the tour of the manufacutring plant - sorry the brewery.

So what do you get to see. Well some tanks.

With beer in of course, brewing away.

Some brew in round tank and some in recangular tanks.

And then at the end a car park area full of casks.

A couple of minutes later we are back in the bar for 2 more pints of free beer. And when we say 2 pints some people can't count.

We even buy some scratchins that they didn't even realise they had to sell!

As I said a few few few few pints later we are kind of kicked out with a burger voucher for next door.

What shall we do now then shouted Les.

Before you know it we are in the pub next door to the Brewery. And for the sake of me at this point I cannot remember its name. Some really nice beer was ordered along with

some food, which got wolfed down immediately.

What shall we do now asked Mr Green?

Now we actually went next door to the Combermere Arms, which is famous in Wolverhamtpon but what for?

Is it because the pub is layouted out like a house with the bar in the front room?

Is it the fact that they make a very nice cup of tea for either Sarah or Marg, but which one of them was it who was not drinking?

Think about it....

Well its famous for the tree that grows in the gents.

So if you don't fancy using the urinal you can always water the tree.

And the other answer was it was Marg who was enjoying so proper beer drinking out of a pint glass.

So what shall we do now yell Nack

And so we went across the road to the Alexandrea. Well no one else would go to the tattoo parlour next door. And so we went into shock.

The drinks selection was limited. But there was still one real ale choice. Well it was the closest. Ansells Mild.

As mat would like to put it a shocking choice nack.

The coffee here though was alright. And whilst leaving Sarah decided it was all enough for her sitting with some very merry folk and so while she whizzed home we planned our nex plan visit.

So the Royal Oak it was. Things I remember, we all had the same pint, there was no food on here, I got a poppy at last, there was a whole lot of bluetooth conecting going on here, everyone left without me whilst I went to the toliet. Was it something I said or were they keen for a nother pint?

And so we made it to The Newhampton

So we had some more fine beer, and food, real chips and a pie or burger for 3 quid. Oh yeah and for starters we had scratchins. Then everyones dinner came apart from Greenies so he had to order another as there had been a miscount and then..

It was time to leave and Matt said where to now then? There was only one nearby choice. Somewhere I'd never been in. somewhere I'd never considered going in,somewhere I wouldn't go alone, somewhere where I'm not sure what the name was but theres one thing I do recall...

There was only 3 options of beer, Carling, John Smiths, Strongbow. I think the name is the Paggot Arms. Got to be said we where the only white people in there, or had probably ventured in there for the last 10 years. I presume that the lack of draft beer was because the best seller would be rum. I was definetly impressed with the size of the speakers. They were big. They were permant and I did want to stop for the disco that was sure to be on later. But Marg and Matt had better ideas and went on home to Matts to recover I guess. And so then there was 3.

We started our walk back to town, Les taking us passed his church.

The wonderfull Wolverhampton sky line at night and

up some back alley to

The Wanderer. Yes after that long walk a pub thankgod.

Some real beer and a log fire. Ah nice. And then a telephone call.

Then we were 4 once more. We stayed here until the beer started to have an effect on some...

loving the log fire

loving the conversation with fatboy

Loving the atmosphere.

But alais it was time to move on. Time to move on to a place with more people, more fill seats, more

thrones for Les to sit his ass on, and more tables in the shape of coffins. At least there was more of a selection of beer in here.

Greenie too wanted to feel the power and thus commanded we moved on. There was only one place left to go...

I got us the window seat, whilst the beer came.

And so we enjoyed a few last pints in here whilst I talked to some ranom strangers about some random things. Then before you knew it, it was time for the bus, but hell I wanted super, but even more surprisingly...

so did Beardy.

Yep he wanted, desired, couldn't resist a curry and

nann bread, fluffy, cripsy, so soft and warm and yummy delioucous.

And yes I had a Cobra but did I struggle to drink it. Hell my heads going hurt in the morning......


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