Thursday, December 15, 2011

Going Andriod

Impressed with Greenies new Nokia 700 I was trying to get one but frankly I cannot justify £200 odd pounds they are going for when I don't look after the things. Then I came across a review of the Motorola Deffy. Not only has it got Gorrilla glass but they are very rugged, have a battery that can last 2 days and is queit compact. Better still they arn't that desirable so you snitch one up for £100. And so I have gone android at last.

I have got to say that at first it was going straight back on ebay. But once you get to understand that really it is a mini pc that makes calls rather than a telephone that connects to the internet it is very nifty. texting is a pain but there you go. And so I have played for many hours putting widgets on and getting it how I want it. All I want to do now is put Froyo on it.


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