Saturday, December 03, 2011

Some Saturdays are nicer than others

In the morning I had got up and headed over to Rugley to fix someones Skoda water ingress electrics problem. From there I came home and took my mom out. We went to Compton Hospice Shop and then to Village Coffee, were Wyne nipped round. Eventually I prized them away so that I could get back for

The Great Coven Lights Switch on. From here me and Beardy caught the bus from the Anchor up town.

And had tea in Jivans along with

plenty of liquid refreshment.

At 8:30pm we went to catch the bus home. But guess what. We saw the Arriva 76 drive off into the distance. Bugger the bus was early. There was nothing for it apart from heading to the Passada for one.

This time we went to the bus stop earlier and it was lucky as the bus left early again! Erm....

We got off at the Anchor and walked on up the road to the Four Ashes,

As a say the Karoike was on again as per usual, the Christmas decorations were up and the log fire was alight.

We sat for most of the time at the bar and admired

the Martine Rosso readily dusted for Christmas Eve whilst drinking Banks.


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