Saturday, December 17, 2011

Someone went home with my toys

Saturday and after a full days christmas shopping it was time for the annual festive get togeather meal at the Odd Fellows in Compton. We headed over to the Swan first, a proper pub where we met Marg who had been waiting patenitly with win for us to turn up. A couple of drinks later and we went over the icy street to the incredably busy Odd Fellows. Gaz, Sarah Di and Greg wre already sat down with drinks. The crackers were crakced the jokes joked at and the toys played with. Well be me until relevant owners took them back. Not only was the nice it was a great night out with th company of those I enjoy so much. All I can say is the meal out went ever so quickly, cheers for arranging it Gaz.

And so for some of us it was back to the Swan for yet more of the ale type stuff. And I guess this is where time stood still. Well for some of us.

And here we have the answer to not having trays. Banks would be proud. Not only do the lorry tankers of Banks beer have fosters scrawled along the side, the four pinter carrier, carrying four pints of Banks also has Forsters scrawled on the side of it.

Worse still Beardy even thought it tasted of Fosters. Perhaps he should have had a brussel sprout or two with his meal then?

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