Sunday, December 25, 2011

3pm Queen Christmas Day Speech

3pm came and me and Les sat down to watch the Queen speech. Something I usualy mis but not on purpose and a fan of the Royals. Hell I want to be one so lets not get rid of them.

This years I liked especialy, She took us through her holiday snaps throughout the Common Wealth and I get the ery suspision she was trying to say Sod Bankrupt Euorpe, We have the and are part of the Common Wealth and we have the pound. In say this though I can't say I could name all the Common Wealth countries we are linked with? Yet the European ones I would. Is that right? Surely not. We have links with these countries for a reason and perhaps we cherrish this links a lot more. Heres to the Common Wealth and perhaps its time for me to visit some of these countreis and take my own snaps. Can you snowboard in any of them?

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