Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Boxing day and it was playing on my mind that it was the last true day to open any presents, that Alan and Zoe's present was still with me and that I really wasn't going to have another oppurtunity to get it to them this year. So I got in my car and set off up north where it supposidly grim. Well it was grim on the motorway with it being chocka and moving at 40 mph. I dropper the present off in the recyling bin and headed on home. On the positive side the motorway going north was now standing still due to a pile up, and then when nearly home so was southbound. Luckily I had entertainment and turned on the Skoda multimedia system and watched Only Fools and Horses, after all Christmas wouldn't be christmas with out Rodney and Del would it. In fact we were stationary that long I watch two eposiodes. This was a pain as I was meant to be around the Greenies. However there are times when you should consider yourself lucky as when we finaly got moving we passed a very somber looking family standing next to a completly burnt out shell of a car. Christmas was not looking good for them. Anyway I got round Greenies and guess what. Niether Les or Sarah were there?

We got the toys out and Sarah and Les appeared from the hospital some time later. Greenie keeps us beered up and the children play merrily away on the DS3D.

Toys are played with until the telly comes on and Sarah tantalises us with more food

Les takes control of one of the kidsas well as the remote control.

There are toys everywhere. Erm modern kids today have more than they know but probably don't realise.

But everyone should have a barring sheep


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