Monday, January 16, 2012

A few weeks back I brought this battery charger from Super Cheap City on Ebay. Not only can you charge a battery but you can also charge your phone using the USB port. Its really good or so I thought. Monday morning I woke up. It was still dark and I looked at the clock. erm 5am. Well I thought my phone could do with charging before I go to work so I pluged it in and then rolled over and went to sleep again. The next time I woke up the room was light. Not a good sign. I looked over at the alarn clocking thinking I had not set it but no the clock was not on. The bed side lamp would not come on either. I thought at first we had just had a power cut. I got my watch and though sod it I'm so late to go to work. Whilst getting up though I notice dthe lights all worked and that in fact it was only the plug sockets that had stopped working.

Well the last thing I plugged in was this charger. Low and behold it smelt bad like burning electronics. Erm not good. I unplugged the mulit socket it was plugged into and the circuit reset.

Later on I unscrewed the charger to see what had gone wrong. Didn't look bad at first.

Then turn the board over. Not so good.

Perhaps what is most surprising about this china charger is the fact there is no fuse in it! Thankgod I pluged it into a multiplug which had a fuse in the plug, which has blown. Erm I was well later for work.


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