Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Eve Coven Pub Crawl

Its Christmas Eve and with all the presents wrapped its time to keep the COven Christmas Eve Pub Crawl Dream Alive.

Les reassures my mom that we will not drink exsseviely. Do we ever? and what would be the point of it anyway. We'll just have enough to stop our blood freezing as its cold out there. So Beardy (AKA Fatboy), Les (AKA as Thin Boy) and myself head to the Rainbow for our first pint. Here I call Greenie to tell him we are here and he is trying to persuade the children to go to bed or Santa will not come. We are not alone in this pub but we are not staying either. Christmas Rosso all round anyone?

At the Anchor (AKA Fox and Anchor) Greenie has made it right behind us. We head on in and

we are definetly not alone, the place is full, very full.

After a few pints it is time for another Christmas Rosso. Not usre why but Beardy does not appear to know what he is meant to be ordering. ho ho

He comes back with 4 glasses of the right stuff and comments that it tastes like Ribeana?

We leave the Anchor for the long walk ahead, to burn of some calories.

Luckily there have been put in place some more public convenienes on the way.

We reach the Four Ashes and inside is my brother.

A log fire and well noone else. You'd think we are alone in here...

But no a bar man does exist and pops in to serve us.

Greenie is concerned that he has had too much to drink, it is a long walk home and he still has to dress as Santa.

Before he departs though he gets a round of Christmas Rosso in and then departs. In his place comes Sarh and Gaz. So at the 4 Ashes we loose 1 gain 3 bodies. And so we move on.

Yep the Harrows is open, although you would not know it and guess what, although there is a bar man we are alone! So a pint here and a Rosso.

Once we have left the Harrow it is back to the Rainbow to close the loop. We've got aour wrist bands on and the place is full. As I suspected though there is no one at the door and anyone can get in but only people with wrist bands can order drinks. The place is much empter though than last year ie you can be in the building! Eventualy it is time to go home. Les and Beardy went a while ago. In fact Beardy grabbed his pint and left some time ago. And when I get home everyone is asleep awaiting Santa to visit.


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