Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lapping it up

I was quizzing to buy a new laptop after looking for a HP 6810P on ebay for ages. However like most things I bid for I won't pay enough and these laptops go for £170. Something I was not willing to pay. Then one night I pop on Ebay and there is one going for £99 quid with 4 miuntes to go. I put my highest bid on yet and I get it for £117! A few days later it turns up and low and behold it is just like it was descibed, in new condition. It even came in the original box. Perhaps the only thing I'm dissapointed about is the battery life which is shockingly short.

A few many hours later it has software on and is being used to type this with Zoundry Raven. Mean while I'm tyring to cycle the battery to see if there is life in the old beast yet. So here is the HP 6910P with 4GB ram, Vista buisness and full microsoft softwaren, all on a small 75gb hard drive. Yikes! Got to say I think I perfer Vista to windows 7!


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