Friday, December 23, 2011

The Last Day of Work

Well I've been extremely busy atr work and this last week not particularly well whilst being there apart from Tuesday. So you can imagine that I was very happy to be well enough to go out with my work colleges on the last day of work. We finished at 2pm and headed on down to the Swan and Mitre in Aston before catching the train into the Center of Brum. We headed to the Weathspoons which was packed and after an hour of standing up I asked if anyone would like to sit down. There obviously hadn't been anywhere to site down otherwise we would have been. Well I said I'll go and talk to these girls over here on this table. I have a magic effect of they will leave and we will have a table. And so ten minutes latter we were all sat around 'our' table. More food and beer was brought and eventually we headed up Broad Street.

At around 10pm I decided to catch a train home. Once back in homeland I went via Jivans, and considered the fact that I proberably didn't want to smell of Curry on Christmas Eve and so had one of there large chicken Tikka Sizzelers. Oh my it was loveeeeeeely. aghhh.


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