Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Not So King Repose

Having been to the Kings Repose Indian Restuarant in Featherston before you can imagine how excited I was to be returning once more to eat their deliouse food. However this visit was not the to be as per the last ones and was quiet frank shoddy service. Once in we were asked to go to the bar, and then they changed there minds and would bring the drinks to our table. Fine not a problem, after allit was quiet.

We were served one pint for 3 people though and until I aksed for the other 2 they were obviously not coming. They did. The orders were taken and restuarant filled up. Perhaps what we didn't releasie was just how full down stairs had become. Between the starters the main course was some wait...... and getting the waiters attention was somewhat problematic. They looked hurrid overwhlemed and not really intrested that whilst we were waiting we would like another drink, all 3 of us that is!

The food came eventually and what we waited for was well worth it and delicious, the currysw were great. The nans were just above average standard.

Eventualy we were thrown some dessert menus. And sometime later ased if we wanted anything. Sure 1 coffee, 1 coffe lequre and an ice cream off the menu. We were then asked if we would vacate our table and eat the ice cream downstairs. Nope if you want us to leave cancel the ice cream. Once down stairs there was nowhere to sit initialy as how can I put it, it was rather packed. The people they put at our dinning table though they did keep their seats for us. So what had been a great few eating occassions there in the past was a big dissapointment that didn't charm me into want to return for more of the same.

The night was finished off in the Anchor, were we savoured our beaverages in a relaxed and calm atmoshphere.

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