Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Snowman

One of my favourite day this Christmas was Wednesday. Today The Greenie Family had got me a ticket with them to go and see the Snowman for Christmas. Not only was it a lovey day out with them but it was the most relaxing day I had had for ages and was just so nice to take it easy. Desides that I like the panto and going to the theatre is a real treat I never do. And so we got the train from Wolverhamton station. Once at Birmingham Sarah wanted to go for lunch at Cafe Rouge. I had never heard of it so I didn't know where it was. Well so I though, but it is actually based where the old Pizza hut used to be. The service was woeful, but the food when it came was delicouse. If Greenie only finaly got that coke he had ordered and had been reasked for ;).

We headed on down to Centinary Square with Greenie trying to do his back in again! Perhaps it didn't hurt enough the first time?

Sarah had seemingly sorted us out some dam near the front seats yeah row 2! I settled in my seat and relaxed for the show.

Having forgotten about the story of the Snowman it was enjoyable to see something a bit different and imaginary.

I even read the program which instrestling told you about the actors and actress's as well as about the fact the Snowman was originaly written for the Theatre in Birmingham and then went ot London and the rest of the world and has been selling out its shows in Birmingham ever since. The show ended in a gush of snow falling all over us :)

When we left it was dark. We went for a lovely warm coffee before finding a train to go home on. It was time for bed for me.

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