Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why would you repaire a another PS3 repair

I now have a fair few parts and another non working PS3. That is 3 in total. At last a part came to repair one of those PS3, another is scrap so it is stripped for parts and there is another which requires the motherbooard and blue ray drive board pairing (a problem which can be fixed though eventually when I get r) I had brought for someones christmas present ,whom I hoped will appreciate the fact that whilst it is second hand, that I have repaired it with my own hands and got it working especialy for them.

And so the complete strip down began. Errr this one is messy inside. But as the seller said no YOLD repair on it. When I put back togeather I have used the most expensive thermal dimond compound available. This should keep it working for a while. And now for the ultimate test to leave LA Noire running for a day on it. Fingers crossed and yes red hot heat iscoming out the back. Excellant.

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  1. As I lie in bed watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks via Lovefilm and eating dippy eggs, rest assured I am appreciative.



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