Friday, February 03, 2012

Ice Cold Chester

Les and myself arrive in the outskirts Chester, book into the Dene Hotel where we get the warmest of welcomes on what is one of the coolest nights. Once are bags are down we head next door to the Hungrey Horse for dinner. We are served some drinks at the bar by a girl who has obvously broken her fingers and pulling pints is a painful art. She does smile though.

Once our double fish and chips super and a couple of pints is done we go outside into the siberian weather and head towards the center of Chester to meet MR Green for some beers. Down Hoole Road and over the railway bridge I am cold and ready for the toliet. We have passed many a pub to get to Mr Green but here I must stop and so we enter an odd bar with a handful of people in it.

The bar is called KASH which to help you remember it is a term for beer so long ago that I can't even remember. However coming in here was a sgtroke of random guenious.

For here we had a pub which had a notably good stash of Belguim bottled beer in the fridge as well as some others but also something else on tap.

Here they have a fair few beers on Tap, mostly from the Blueball Brewery.

And to remember the brewery by all you need remember is their logo, a nice girl with now cloths on sitting ona blue ball, with a couple of very select items to keep everything family freindly.

Now the beer was the perfect temperature unlike the room which queit frankly ended up with me Les and the barman that seemed to like Les more than me. Not hard I guess.

Now it was about this point that Greenie said he was not going to turn up after all and at this point we had tried seveal BlueBall beers and thereofre didn't care.

We had found our spot for the night. My Favourite beer was Spank. Yep I loved Spank. Spank was definetly my favourite.

We admired the lamp shade whilst we tried some of the others.

Eventually it was closing time and we had, had enought to want some supper.

This was a mistake as we happened to go from Chesters greatest bar for selling the bestb beer to Chesters worst takeaway selling the worst food. My 7 peices of chicken were awful. I ate the lot though and the shocking shit chips. Erm.....

And what was in your box Les? Oh the world worest pizza, a speciality of Chester no doubt. Anway we got a taxi to the hotel with the warmest welcome to slowly roast for 8 hours....


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