Friday, February 17, 2012

Going to Stockport for Dinner

Well I asked Alan if he fancied a beer. HE said yes and that I’d better be round for 7pm. This was somewhat not accomplished when the M6 stopped (yet again). Anyway just under 1 hour late Alan gives me a quick coke and we are out of the door, as Rosie is cooking us up a 3 course meal.


We arrive at Rosie's not knowing how Alan had said er Nack will be joining us or that I have now made them late, god I know how to make myself popular. Brendan is also here and Alan and Brendan start talking very geeky about things and people of cult TV series etc. To the point where it begins to feel like I’m in an episode of the Big Bang Theory. Best of all is that I must be Penny as I’m totally on a different blonde level to them.

I come to my senses when I realise I don’t have boobs and the 3 course dinner is served up. We start with a exquisite goats cheese tart, yummy, Ghoulash, yummy and……..

considering I’m not a chocolate lover a died for sueflay. Plus bubbbbbbly to go with. Unfortunately for Alan and Zoe, Rosie has set the new standard for Friday night tea when I now pop round Alan and Zoes…smile…

Following dinner, a bubbly we get out Rosie's new board game ~The Settlers of Catan. A German award winning board game based on taking over settlements and trade, or as Brendan had said ‘now isn’t that interesting. only Germans would be interested in that’. The game though did turn out to be a lot easier to play than the instructions seemed to make out. In fact it was most enjoyable and one has to question where the time went. Ek it past my bed time…..


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