Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ice Cream Sunday

Get up in our really snug hotel room and look at the bleak icy cold bowling green outside. And so we got to breakfast fill our bellies and trying to think of somewhere we could go on such a day. Another Place came to mind. (if you want to see all the photos click the picture above).

After a drive towards Birken Head and through Wallasea we pop up in Liverpool and carry on heading northwest towards the coast. We pull up on a car park and are ready for a brisk and cold walk. A walk I was not expecting or wanting.

But this was a place I had wanted to come to for some years now and was preeeeeeved that Deadmanjones had beat me here some time ago.

Now being the weather was as cold as it was you would not expect there to be anyone else on the beach, right? Well wrong. Apart from the 100 metal men there was loads of poeple around. Some of them just as sad as me and Les.

It kind of hard to explain how cold it was on that beach and why we had decided to check out all 100 of the statues. But I hope this photo spells it out. Yep we are mad.

And so the stroll along the beach began zigging and zagging and working a methodical walk out to see them all.

pondering if we need to wade out.

After the inital high beach ones things became more tricky.

Either because of the water rivers that were forming or the fact that some of them were still submerged. Time was on our side thought as the tide was going out.

Although with our impatents we did now have wet feet, besides I think this is the first time I had come across quick sand.

Do we wait or do we get wet feet? What number is it, what number is it.

This poor bloke got shat on.

The changing weather and tides made the living art come to life.

Which also ment that do to the elements the iron men had all weathered by different means or by man made painting!

Eventually the clouds past and blue skies hung wonderfully above us.

One after another the iron men had there photo taken. Sometimes witha subject sometimes without.

With the tide now out the walk just got longer and longer. Waht had we decided to do?

There is never a tiresome moment on the beach.

I even get my jacket off but not for long.

Eventaully after so much walking you have to refuel. And there was an ice cream van, although he couldn't believe it when I ordered two big ice creams with a flake.

He evn giggles when I agreed to all the extras, Les liked them though ;)

I'm going to enjoy this.

Me too.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH lick slurp lick slurp.

once the ice creams had gone we continued the tour.

And here is number.....

one hundred

I'm glad I got here eventauly, apparently according to the sign, the art was meant to be moved in 2006 but it looks like they forgot. I was so glad to get back tot the car and have a sit down.


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