Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Muppets Manchester Premier

Saturday morning and I’m up way too early and nowhere near enough sleep. That plus my credit card company rang me at 9:30am to check on fraudulent activity on my card. A cup of tea and I was ready for some local shopping and

some game playing on the PS3. That was before we were going to venture out to Manchester city center.

Here we went to Alans favourite comic store, record shop and then onto Burger King as he had made me wait all through this to go to the toilet. On my return Zoe was now munching through a BK meal.

We went to the Cinema where we meat Brendan, Rosie and Helen. The decision on what we were going to see had already been made but what was it…

Some of us were more excited about this than others and the excitement was just tooooo much.

Seating time at last and we were in the dark room. A dark room full of happiness and joy. Wonderful song, thoughts and optimism. This was all too much for Alan who seemed to not get quiet into the spirit of things.

We left the cinema all giddy and high, apart from one of us whom decide we must walk the streets of Manchester once more to disorientate me. Alan brings us to The Gas Lamp Bar. Which he described to me as ‘its like having a drink in an underground toilet’. Great I thought!

Although I can’t remember the last time there was a chandelier in the toilets of the underground.

We have a bevie here and then go for a further walk to another bar where we have beer and fries before heading on a train back to Stockport.


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