Thursday, February 16, 2012

Someone Turn The Oven Back On There’s……

Today I have disappointingly finished Chris Evan’s Memoires of a Fruit Cake. I wish the story could have gone on and on, and I guess in a way it does as he has not croaked it yet. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as apart from his BBC2 Breakfast show I’ve never been a big fan of his – a bit odd why I brought it then I guess. The book is superbly written in a wonderful and engrossing style which is even better than his now radio broadcasting. It is open and shows you just how much of a normal human being he truly is rather than what you may take as a hyper ego celebrity of which I thought. Heart warming, sensitive, stupid and fun the book shares some poiniment moments of his life and has made me feel that I now know him as a friend even though I’ve never meet, but oh so much want to now.

And so as I have started on his last book I will undoubted buy his first. I cannot recommend this book enough and is one I will surely keep in my collection of objects to never get rid off. Thanks for Sharing Chris.


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