Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sunday Pair

Sunday morning I am awoken by Alan, right during a deep sleep with the Muppets. Now you may think this got me out of the bed on the wrong side, but Alan greeted me with the smell of a bacon and egg sandwich and no molegrips to be seen thankgod.

It looked nice outside and this fooled me into agreeing to go to the Farmers market in the town centre. So off we went on one of his walks which started in a direction I recognised. Once in the Market we went to the hardware store and brought some hardware. Myself, a 13amp fuse, A new plug, which the nice lady did say would already be in the the plug, a multisocket, a metal polishing disc etc. I also brought a blue slush puppy. It was after this moment that I learned why Alan was so keen to come to the farmers market. Alan has a a favourite store here and a new friend. And this explains the mole grips to me. Obviously he has been to the hardware store before and then gone to this new favourite store of his. Picture this, whilst I’m standing there slurping on my blue slush puppy Alan was talking some serious talk about beer off all kinds and living in Canada to drink more beer. We were at the High Peaks Beer Company Store, with literally loads of beer from everywhere. Hell if it isn’t Alans favourite store it could soon be mine. Now Alan pondered why I did not buy any bottle of beer, but I knew in the back of my head what was coming.

Alan took me to a shop in the town center for a hot lovely lovely lovey chocolate. ah nice. It even had a chocolate frog on top. Then Alan said we would go home the scenic route. Very scenic, a route I’ll never be able to repeat. But it was a nice day and it was a nice walk. He took me to Veron Park to see this fountain and

to ask me why they had called the mill in the background Pear Mill.

I considered that it was most likely where they had stored the pears a few years back.

We admired the dribbling water icy flowing over the granite statue before coming to our senses and realising how cold it was.

We walked tot he far side of the park and up some stairs where we were greeted by a tea shop.

And so we had Tea Al a Fresco enjoying the suns rays and the views of the park.

But to this day I still wonder why that mill is called Pear Mill


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