Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tom The Diver

We wake up the next morning wanting more sleep. The taste in my mouth wasn’t good and I soon brushed my teeth from the awful chicken taste. Now as ~I said it would have been nice to have rolled over and gone to sleep. However a tex came from the Greenies saying that Tom birthday treat was at 10am and we should arrive then. Blimy we need to get up.

This of course did not stop us going to find the breakfast room. Hidden away up the far end it was a nice surprise to a wonderfully layout out room and tables with no one at them. Could it possibly be that we were the only people in the hotel? We had not seen any other guests? The waitress came over and asked what we would like for breakfast and then we set about munching on what was to offer in the cold buffet whilst our main course was cooked up.

With our bellies overfull from breakfast we made our way to the car. I was hopeful that Les knew where we where going and he said he had the postcode on a text from the Greenies. Now this was going to be a bit of a surprise to him as the built in Antique of a DX sat nav only takes the first for digits of a post code. From there on you have to tell it the street you want to. Oh hum. We reach the car park with only a couple of cars there and park next to the Greenie Mobile. We wonder towards the main entrance giggling at the snaking queuing line that was set up. We get to the door and hold on, they are all locked. Eventually a girl comes out to inform us they are not open until 10am. The lucky Greenies had booked and therefore had been allowed in to get ready. Out here though it was cold. Mind bang on 10am the car park filled at a rate of knots and we were glade to be at the front of the snakes head to get in.

We wander around the place and bump into senior Greenie who takes us to where Tom is going to be under water with the fishes.

The are smallish fish

big fish

And the type of fish you do not wish to swim with.

Mean while Teg is trying to figure out which ones she wants to take home with her and how much boot space there is in the car.

And here is the birthday boy himself under water in his diving kit.

Full on mate. There’s no way I would be in there with those sharks around.

Soon enough the experience is over and we all get together to go and look at all the other aquatic life around

There was not only fish to see.

But these green things too

along with more fish.

For the adults of us it was time for a cup of tea.

for some of the kids it was time for a blue slush puppy and

a hell of a lot of sucking

Now tell me where on a weight watchers diet are you allow 29 points in one bit?

Eventually of sucked not only the ice out of my cup but the air out of the room. Wow that was exhausting.

And my tongue is so cold it turned blue.

Now here you will notice how Teg worked out how to get those fishes home with her.

It was feeding time in the big tank as the fishes hadn’t eaten Tom and they were still hungry so we sat and watched if anticipation

And here came the people who were going to feed them.

We take another spin around the aquarium before heading up to the shop the otters, for whom it was to cold for them to make an appearance and

The submarine

A very tight fit. From here we went to Tesco’s as one of the screws had come out of my glasses and the nose peace had come off. We both parked up in the car park, and I said to Les I’ll just be a minute I know where the kit is usually kept. Mr Green turns up and he his a list of shopping to do! MR Hughes is not impressed when I come back some 30 minutes latter blaming Mr Green. We head into town where we can only find one parking space and Mrs Green and Teg call it a nap time and head back to the Travel Lodge where we will meet later for dinner.

The boys however go to the pub.

Shockingly they won’t serve the birthday boy beer though!

After a beer we head into the the center to spend Tom’s money in the toy stores. I notice this what to me but maybe not to you, seems to be a rather odd game of feed the dog and watch it do a turd? Yes really. The player withe the most turd at the end of the game wins! Must be a big seller!

From here we meet up with Sarah and Teg to have dinner at the pub next to the travel lodge. Sarah has got a heater from reception as there room was cold. In for dinner and the waiter was splendid. One of those people who make the evening that little bit better by saying things such as ‘ you can get too much carvery ‘. We have some birthday cake back in the room and once more we have all ate way too much. And so we are off to the pub. The pub we loved last night.


Thats right the K.A.S.H. bar. Greenie and Les though are not up for staying here and want to move on.

So we do. And after Les upsets one local inparticular we move on.

We find a nice place to drink at the bar where Le sis now drinking shorts and beer and

a switched has been pressed in Greenies head and is now in completely drunk mode. He is swaying, slurring and smiling. We in fact have a nice time hanging out having a pleasant drink together with the company I love.

Eventually Greenie insists we go for a Kebab with plenty of garlic mayo on it. Me and Les though play it safe and have a pizza each. After all were sharing a room.


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