Friday, March 30, 2012

Phatnoise installation part 1

I have decided to push ahead with the phatnoise installation on my MX5 and removing the Kenwood minidisc head unit I’m using now. So knowing how good or bad the Skoda Symphony unit is I plumbed for one of these off ebay. Got it and low and behold it is locked. I contacted the seller to see if they had the code but they seemed to rigidly believe it did not need one. Never the less they said they would sort something out with me if I was not happy. I wasn’t to fussed I just didn’t want to pay to have it decoded if they knew the code. Anyway I wanted to keep the tape player to make it less desirable being in an open top car.

And so off to DND services where it was turned round as advertised in 48 hours.

Now back with a code it is time to prepare the unit for installation.

And with all the wires and cables apart from the CD one coming from China any time soon – one hopes, we await to get it up and running


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