Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 2nd Annual Coven Cheese and Cider Festival

Here in the lovely village of Coven there is a Cheese and Cider Festival. Now I didn’t go to last years but felt I really must participate in this years even if I ended up going on my own. Hence the twitter message ‘Anyone going to the Cheese and Cider Festival’. Yep for those who don’t know I tweet, and for those who don’t tweet these also magical appear on my Face book page. Hence why there are comments on my Facebook page that make no sense whatsoever – as there tweets. Of course I got no reply except from Greenie. Fatboy was in Chirk and I would meet him later in Wolvo. He would let me know what time he would get there. Oh course he didn’t do that, He just rang and went I’m in Wolvo. Great because now I’m meeting Greenie in the Cheese and Cider Festival. Anyway I went to the Cheese and Cider Festival with my brother. Where by Greenie eventually turned up. I say this because….

I was going to have only one pint of cider and then go to Wolvo and meet Fatboy and then have a curry tea in town with him. As it was Greenie took his time arriving, and hence one pint of very strong cider which went straight to my head lead to another. I would say I had some cheese but a this would have ruined my curry tea, it is fatting and does cheese really go with cider. I don’t know as the cheese was mainly sold out! Yes the Cheese was finished off before the Cider. You have obviously go to get in early for the full range of cheeses. There was however 2 other things available that had not been advertised. And Greenie had them both. The first was the fact the Morton Brewery had brought along a couple of barrels of real ale, and the second, even though Greenie was late due to him having his dinner he brought a big bag of proper full fat scratchins.

The band came on before we left and whilst I though they were brilliant Greenie felt otherwise. Anyway

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it was time for me and my brother to go to Wolvo. Greenie however could not be persuaded to leave either his scratchins or the music.


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