Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I did something stupid today

Went to the gym after work and whilst I was doing my workout Paul turned up whilst I was finishing off my 50 ab crunches. He wanted to do some on there so I did some more. Then whilst watching him doing his set, very strenuous I know, One of the assistance came along, as they sometimes do and asked if we wanted to join the ab class. Good god no I’ve seen people die on that gym floor during the ab class, sometimes I like to watch them in pain as the girl struggles to count past 6 for the 12 time Winking smile. Anyway I had said to Paul I would do an ab class with him after Easter at some point, the point being very very far away. The assistant assured me no one would be dying tonight as the usual girl was on holiday for the week. With her wonderful smile and Paul egging on to have a go I gave i to them. All I’m going to say was there was some embarrassment on my part once in the class I gave it my best. Perhaps what made me feel slightly more comfortable was Super healthy fit Paul also struggled. Not as much as me but he did. So once the gym class finished Paul went home, I finished most of my routine. Needless to say this morning I feel tighter than ever in a certain area.


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