Saturday, April 14, 2012

I’m obviously bored again


I must be bored as I’m looking at cars that I neither need or can afford to waste more money on. Here is another (ultra rare giggle) Eunos Roadster VR Limited Combination A. (You can tell because it is a different colour to the B).

Now this car doesn’t look great. Rust bubbles bodge on the nose, seats in naff condition, etc. But at least the seller as put enough photos on for you to make a decision to purchase unlike most so its nice to be able to put a proper bid on for what the car is worth. And at this point and I’m not going to bid on it there is one thing going for this car…..


Can you spot it?

To be honest I wouldn’t be from that picture either so here is one of the feuling department. Still baffled.

Well this will answer your curiosity. The MX5 has been converted to run on LPG. And that is one sizeable tank in the boot, some 45Litres.

What caught my eye though was it was done at the Stretton Garage just up the road. Might give them a visit.

Now knowing it costs around £1000 to £1500 what is the value of this car?

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