Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internally screwed

Having received this PS3 80GB sealed but with a broken blueray drive I was to find the two extra drives I have are not the same. I should have remembered this from the last PS3 80gb I repaired. Anyway having cleaned it out concrete dust (how the hell it could ‘breath’ is beyond me) I got it booting up, it wanted to do an update, which was a surprise. So I let it. Only it wouldn’t update correctly. It would only get to 46% and then stop with a error message. I looked it up and Playstation just tell you to repeat it until you give up and then call them. It also advised loading down via a USB and PC. I did this too. Then I tried a spare hard drive I had. Now this worked initially until it realised it was half way through an update and then through up another error code. There was some hope though that I had seen a post on a forum with a similar issue and that once the blue ray player was fixed it may well update.

The cat looked up and said do you really think you can fix this one? I’m not sure I replied.

The following day a refurbished PS3 blueray drive came (now expense spared I was in deep now). I swapped over the daughter board and prayed. I put the original hard drive in and low and behold the update continued from where it had left off. Great I thought. But obviously too early. The drive would not read any discs. Had I been sold a dud?  I took the unit apart as on the 80gb unit to replace the blue ray drive you are better removing the power supply unit as attaching the tight ribbon cable is trickier than it looks. Yep once the power supply unit was up the cable wasn’t quite in properly. I took the lead out of both ends and pushed it back in firmly, the drive was repositioned and power supply fixed in place. The power button was switch on and I tapped the on switch. The disc was sucked in and hello the game loaded. As per say I stuck a CD in DVD and BLueray and all worked fine. Download from the Playstation store and the game worked and stream video to it. IT would appear the machine was resussated after all.


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