Thursday, April 26, 2012

Les’s PreBirthday Dinner

As the Quiz is at the Bradford Arms on a Thursday we were going to celebrate Les getting one year older and crankier the day before the big day. A group of us got together to find that the quiz master was ill and so there was not going to be a quiz after all. Although the last time we ate on the quiz night this does mean we can relax and take the meal slowly.

And here is my starter, the classic prawn cocktail presented beautifully.  Mind it did not stay looking like this for long once I had mixed all the ingredients together with the sauce.

And here is the mix grill I and a few others enjoyed.

including the birthday boy himself.

Greenie however had bigger thoughts still and had the mammoth steak and two eggs. He didn’t eat it all.

The meals were big, beautiful and tasted great. Hell I didn’t have room for pudding but I went for over indulgence. Mind we were told that the custard would have to be freshly prepared and would take 5-10 minutes. Hell I really needed longer to digest the main but please take your time. It was hard to go home. My belly really did feel like it was going to burst but with food like this it just hard to stop eating…….

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