Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where’s the usual Girl?

An odd thing happened, we meet Fatboy in Wolverhampton and that wasn’t the odd thing. It was in the Balti House, there was plenty of seats, so we sat down. And then we were asked what we we wanted. Now that was odd. Usually the beer comes straight over along with 6 poppadums'. So this took us by surprise. I asked where the usual girl was and by if she was a Genie poof she appeared. And nothing else needed to be said.

i have no doubt she could tell we were pre curry rat faced somehow. Even Fatboy. I think he must have had a few too many while waiting in Wolvo for us to turn up.

Not that this stopped us enjoying a Cobra or two or ……

The freshly cooked nan breads turned up and we were in heaven.

We paid up and then I struggled to make the other pair want to go to another pub. Getting them to come up with somewhere to go was even harder. I tried to persuade them into going to the Great Western but neither would have it and so…

We ended up in the Possada, where I had a Massie Jessie I think. It was here Fatboy got his camera out to show me his pictures of Chirk Castle and that leads me onto the separate post I made on the night.


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