Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fitting a electrical tow socket to the Skoda Superb

It was sunny and warm today. So the list of outside jobs on the cars must get done. Which aggravatingly my brother has dumped his car round for a new brake to. As I’m going away very soon with some bikes on the back I thought it might be best to fit an electrical tow connection. And so down the accessory shop I went and brought the said item. And the stripped the boot out.

In went another ten wires and through the bottom of the car. The other end went to

the lights wiring on the left hand side and we now have a nice array of scotch loks jointing lots of wires – hopefully the right ones.

There some on the right hand side but only two.

Now I was not sure where to put the socket. After all its hardly ever going to be used. And I also didn’t want to start drilling loads of holes so I plumbed for next to the rear view camera.

Which while I was done here I replaced with a new one as the picture had gone a bit blurry. This fixed the picture up straight away.

And so all done with a bit of tidying up. All I need now is a light board and fingers crossed I’ve used the right wires.


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