Monday, May 14, 2012

A little bit of red in your life does you no harm


You might think that was it, nothing else to do on the Superb now. But the rear passenger side brake has been squeaking a lot and driving me mad. And I wanted to put the new tyres on the rear wheels to wear out the old tyres quicker so I can get fresh rubber on those too. So I got the wheels off and looked at the break that was squeaking and I presumed was not working apart. Nothing really wrong with it, just lots of corrosion you find with this items that do a dirty job in one of the worst positions on the car. So a strip down and a though clean and some copper grease in the right locations should do it. And while I was changing the wheels on the passenger side I thought I’d do the same to that brake. The brake that didn’t squeak and I thought was working. This break obviously wasn’t, again a dam good strip down, clean and copper grease in the right places and it is now working.

And whilst I had those wheels off I thought red…

and painted those brake callipers

Totally awesome or what.

Time well spent and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Oh yeah.


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