Monday, May 07, 2012

Harry’s Old Socks



Bank holiday Monday and no better time to get in a car with Les and go somewhere random. We head ‘down south’ testing out the Goodyear efficiency grip in the wet rain while the Skoda sat nav seems to be taking us on some back country tour of green rolling fields. Eventually we come to the The Haven Hotel where

we catch a ferry. Obviously such a nice day we stand outside on the deck making the most of it

The sea is so calm and in distance we can see the lovely sandy beaches

Pretty much deserted of course!

After a short drive we head down a lane towards the coast. Here Les exclaims that the National Trust is about to rip us off for its parking facilities, which although not the best of days was being used well. £1 for one our or £4 for the day. Well Les I’m not going to be walking for more than an hour, or so I thought. A 1 pound ticket it was, and besides we had no choice, between us in change we had £1.26. The choice was made.

And so here at Studland Bay we head off in search of the Old Harry Rocks. Bound to be another Gem of the English country side.

After a few steps I ask how much further is it. Hell from here you can just see the trail go on and on and on.

It is pretty obvious that would should have used a yacht for this excursion. I guess Timothy Spalding took has barge, which I present to Les as an idea of something to do as well as Windsurfing around the world.

We get to see great country side things like plants, grass and dead trees.

Nack come look what I have found called Les.

Its a cliff into the sea. There’s no way I’m going out there.

Come on Les if it can take me it surely can take you.

I can hear him grumble I don’t know why he talks me into this daft stuff.

Gulp a long way down!

I’m not moving anywhere.

Move a bit Les look relaxed or something will you.

Erm captavating

We have a rest from all this excitement before continuing the journey

I think we are here


And he is right. Was it worth the long long long long long walk.

Hell yes

You could even think you were in Dover.

Its always best to look down. Or in churches as you walk in the door turn through 180 degrees and look up.

Les is off bounding across the countryside. Must be in search of beer of food.

Smile Les I can see you form here.

The coast guard appears after reports of 2 idiots getting to close to the cliff edge. Nope sir we have seen nothing.

After you of course Les. But perhaps we should just wait a while….

An then I spot somebody sensible who has come to see them by boat.

And somebody not so sensible who has come to see them by canoe.

Les declares more walking is required and that the hour is over on the parking ticket.

We walk a slight different route back

along the picturesque beach. Note the big black pipe.

We pass by the shabby beach shacks and pass the half open cafe. By this time we are both starving. So there is only one thing for it.

We head to Swanage, find the Fish Place, where Les buys us a cod and chips each. We go tot he sandy beach and sit in the rain enjoying some truly wonderful fish and chips, followed by an ice cream cone each. Well after all that walking we deserved it.


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